Tomboy – EIFF Preview

We’re spoiled for choice today with previews of The Guard (previewed earlier), Phase 7 and Tomboy. Phase 7 was our ‘random’ for the day, and who could resist the festival program description (keyword hits: post-apocalyptic, genre and… uh Argentina)? Now, we’re big fans of horror films – even zombie films, which seemed to be what various previews intimated this would be – at least, when when they try to be something different. While Phase 7 certainly had it’s moments and a slow build, the end felt ultimately… well, dull. Dull is rarely a good place to be for any genre film.

So our pick of the day was unexpected, but well deserved: TomboyTomboy is beautiful film, brimming with pre-teen life and questions: gender, fitting in, and adjusting to the imminent arrival of a baby brother. Wonderfully observed with such an unforced gentle direction, the child-actors shine naturally. The film flows with little jarring contrivance, giving it a vaguely documentary feel.

Tomboy is showing on June 16th and 21st at the Cameo as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.